KOH LIPE – The best Island in Thailand

South in the Andaman Sea you find an island that is definetely worth a visit. Koh Lipe! If you want a holiday without hustle and bustle and just relax and chill, you should go to Koh Lipe. It is a tranquil place that will give you your energy back.

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In addition to the nice beaches and the beautiful beaches, you find good food in traditional thai-style.

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The best place to spend the day!

02 Koh Lipe - 532

02 Koh Lipe - 57402 Koh Lipe - 624

A whisky sour at the balcony.

02 Koh Lipe - 70902 Koh Lipe - 711

Go experience this place, it is a mazing! It is my favourite island in Thailand.