Oslo Opera House Reflextions





Happy New Year!

This year started with the most beautiful day at the Oslo Fjord. The sun was shining and the ice on the water made it almost magical.


Photo taken with iPhone.

It is about time to give some life to this blog, 2016 did not have many posts, so I with this post I hope to have started a better trend for 2017 🙂


The Frogner Park

The Frogner Park is the home of the Vigeland installation. All the sculptures are created by Gustav Vigeland, who did this work between 1920 and 1943. In the North of the park rises the Monolith, portraying a feeling of togetherness. Around the Monolith are several other sculptures of human figures embracing each other. The theme of the park is: Man’s journey from the cradle to the grave.

The Monolith

My first pinhole

For my birthday this summer I got a surprise from my friend! She gave me a pinhole lens. I had never tried it out before, so I was looking forward to see what this was and try my new lens. 

I found it a little strange that the pictures are not clear, however I also like that it is different. 

Please let me know, what do you think of pinhole and my pictures?