All you need for your vacation – Camera, sunglasses & cash 😉



This week I wisited the west coast of Norway, I wisited the town Ulsteinvik. A town that is located in the MĂžre og Romsdal  county, om the Island of Hareidlandet. 

The nature so is amazing, I will never be tired of looking out over the sea and see the mountains rising up from the water!

I recommend you to to there if you have the chance!

Bon Voyage.  


Sailing in the outer Oslo Fjord gives you a million opportunities where to go. We have been cruising around on the west side outside the city of TĂžnsberg, and we found a perfect place to stay -JENSESUND. 

We were amazed about this place and how nice it was organized there. 

On arrival, you are met with “welcome to Jensesund”. 

Small paths take you around the island. 

A restaurant that serves you all that you need!

The kids have their own playground in the garage. 

Our route planning for the next cruising. 

I strongly recommend a visit to Jensesund on Vestre BolĂŠrne. 

A Day At The Souk Cuisine

If you ever wonder what to do when you visit Marrakech, I strongly recommend that you take a cooking class at Souk Cuisine. That is what we did and we had an unforgettable time.

The day started with a walk deep into the souk to find the ingredients, all the spices and vegetables with beautiful colors and exotic aromas made the morning in the souk to an adventure.






If you want to learn how to cook Moroccan style, you find them here:

The streets of Mea Shearim

Mea Shearim is one of the oldest Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Walking in the streets of Mea Shearim was like visiting another world. The population in Mea Shearim is mainly Haredi Jews. Their way of living is strictly orthodox, and the men spend most of their time to study, while the women take care of the households.

In my pictures I have tried to capture some of the atmosphere in the neighborhood. Let me know if you like it, your comment is appreciated. 🙂